Best Exercises For Burning Fat

Obesity is one of the common problems of United States, and it is now spreading all over the world at a rapid rate. It is because people are consuming more junk and processed food. The overweight people also feel more tired and less active than those who have an active body and sound mind. The only way towards a healthy life is the exercise that must consist of two goals: building-muscles and burning fat. Following are the four different kinds of exercises that you can do as they involve full body.

Turkish Get-up

The first task in the list is Turkish get-up based on the idea of getting up. First, you lie on one side and hold a dumbbell in another hand. You have to hold out the dumbbell at the length of your arm. The next step is standing with the dumbbell over your head with the arm’s length. You will use a weapon and two of your legs for holding and pushing the weight upside. The exercise is difficult, but it gives perfect shape to the body so start from today.

Swing Squats

Following swing squats is easy as you first have to hold a dumbbell with the support of your fee and an outstretched arm. You can also use a kettlebell for this exercise. Now you have to build the force and drop into a squat position. Your butt would be pushed behind, straight backbone, and your feet would be firm. Now swinging the dumbbell upward, you have to stand halfway. You will reverse your direction and drop toward downwards for a full squat position. Now swinging the dumbbell overhead, you have to stand in a dominant position. The exercise will improve your cardiovascular health and build strength in you.

Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine ball slam is also known for releasing stress and building power in the upper body part and legs. You have first to get a medicine ball and then start raising it overhead. Start releasing the ball by swinging the arms downward. Now start slamming the ball on the ground with a hard force. It is essential to stay careful while doing this area as you might be able to hit your face. You can complete 50-100 set of exercise for losing weight and getting in shape. You would face difficulty in the initial stage but time and effort would help you get on the track.

Burpees or Squat-Thrust Jumps

Burpees is very famous among boot camp instructors and require the attention and intensity of the person to a great extent. First, you have to stand straight and then squat down by putting your hands on the floor or ground. Start kicking your legs outward behind you and start the push-up exercise. Now start clicking your feet in a squat position, stand and then jump swinging both arms overhead. Total 15-20 training sets would be enough for one day for maintaining your weight. Doing the exercise in the morning is a plus to your daily routine as you do not have to worry all day about doing it.